About Fabio Cumbo

Iā€™m a Software Engineer with a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Automation Engineering, currently Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Blankenberg Lab, Center for Computational Life Sciences, Lerner Research Institute of the Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

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Iā€™m always available for new collaborations! Get in touch with me at fabio.cumbo@gmail.com


09/15/2022šŸ—£ļø Presented ā€œFeature selection with vector-symbolic architecture: a casa study on microbial profiles of shotgun metagenomic samples of colorectal cancerā€ with a poster at the 9th Annual Genetics Education Symposium organized by the Cleveland Clinic Genomic Medicine Institute and the Center for Personalized Genetic Healthcare in Cleveland, OH, USA
08/16/2022šŸŽ“ Certificate of Quantum Excellence issued by IBM for successfully completing the Qiskit Global Summer School 2022
07/20/2022šŸ—£ļø Presented ā€œMicrobial Strain Characterization and Subtyping of Metagenome-Assembled Genomes With Sequence Bloom Trees in Galaxyā€ with a poster and talk at the Galaxy Community Conference (GCC2022) in Minneapolis, MN, USA
05/04/2022šŸ† Awarded with the Galaxy Community Conference (GCC2022) Fellowship
03/02/2022šŸŒ± Started a new position as Postdoctoral Fellow at the Blankenberg Lab, Genomic Medicine Institute, Lerner Research Institute, Cleveland Clinic, OH, USA